Vape Bands Arrived, Many Options

12.10.2015 15:03
avatar  HeCa-
#1 Vape Bands Arrived, Many Options

The vape band is a necessary accessory for any and ALL vapers.
Not only does it keep your device stylish and looking awesome, they also serve a purpose.
The bands can help protect glass tanks from breaking in case of a fall.
They are also wonderful for when those darn threads just don't want to come loose. Pop a band on there and loosen it with ease.
Designed for 22mm glass tank, RBA or RTA, RDA & tube mod.
Such as Aspire Triton Tank, KangerTech Subtank Mini Atomizer, UD Billow V2 RTA, Tobeco ERE RDA & Ehpro Crystal Mod.
Check here for more info:


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